Narcis George Matache

Creating the new tomorrow

Not me. Us.

Narcis George Matache, Candidate for the Regional Council of North Denmark

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Our ideas for the new tomorrow

Decent work & Economic growth
 As your representative, I will put the issue of high unemployment among internationals on the Regional Council of North Denmark table and attempt to convince the others to finance initiatives that will promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth and decent work for all.
Accessible health system

Every human has a right to health because it’s vital for our existence. When you get sick or injured, you look at the healthcare system to help you. You want to trust the system. However, there are problems. Some of you had a bad experience on your first contact with the healthcare system.

Inclusion and representation
We, as internationals (people without Danish citizenship), represent almost 10% of the North Denmark population. However, we are not visible. To organize, to participate, to contribute – are three verbs that define integration into the Danish society. If you don’t organize, then your issues will never be heard. Only we can make our life in Denmark better.

This is your movement.

Send an e-mail to and join our campaign team. There is a place for everyone that wants to create the new tomorrow. Little or with a lot of time to offer. Creative or not. You can definitely contribute.
How? Roses on the streets. Posters on the street lights. Brochures in mail boxes. The word about voting to your community. Events to gather the people. Videos to convince people. Etc.